dj’s (cmfrt_ns_prdctns/p45) personal background is an upsetting flush down into the depths of electronic music within the wide range of techno, minimalistic tech-house, dubtechno, dub and dubstep. he opended with intense and unforgettable years of party-hopping all over europe in the early 9ties. then he started to play the turntables and launched the project „comfort_noise_productions”. the year 2003 marks the beginning of an endless series of radio streams on the swiss underground radio-station audioasyl and a couple of highly regarded mixes, spread over the inet. but not enough! the next step happened in 2004 with his entry into the management of the vinyl-store „p45 records” - zurich’s very first address for electronic music, run by the swiss producers/djs cosili and serafin together with again and again, himself is surprised by his particular and insoluble affinity to the deepest bassdrums, clicking high-hats and dubby grooves. but hey – who’s able to come up with a valid surrogate to this? with dubstep it's even getting worse! more info: &
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atheus 'untitled b' (metrolux 03 - dubtechno)
deepchord 'electromagnetic dowsing, the final step (m. huckaby rmx)' (synth 001c - high end dubtechno)
djunya 'brahman dub' (immerse 05 - dubstep)
dubjack 'trebol series (1-4)' (groovear 10-01 & 10-02 - argentinian deepness, available as free mp3)
elemental 'empty' (halo beats 05 - dubstep)
fat freddys drop 'cay's crays (digital mystikz version)' (kartel creative 012 - this dub/dubstep-tune is as subtle as outstanding)
jichael mackson 'the grass is always greener' (musique risquée - an outstanding dubtechno-tune with an ecstatic development!)
ka 'insanity' (subway 03 - dubstep)
kromestar 'rainy dayz' (deep medi 06 - dubstep)
leftover 'response' (statik entertaiment 24 - dubtechno)
random trio 'press button' (dub war 02 - dubstep)
unknown 'asbo001' (asbo001 - this bass is an unbelievable abyss in a maximally reduced arrangement. listening carfully, you'll find out who's the producer: no one else in the world could to it at this time! the best we've ever heard in dubstep)

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comfortnoise podcast, formerly p45 radio
advanced dubwise electronic music

Nov 18th 2010
comfortnoise podcast, formerly p45 radio
funky/deephouse w/ hendrik vogel (karlsruhe, ger) &
Oct 21st 2010
comfortnoise podcast, formerly p45 radio
dubtechno & adjacent areas w/ K' (cologne, ger)
Sep 16th 2010
comfortnoise podcast, formerly p45 radio
follow the bass! w/ dj POPULIST
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