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Sep 16th 2010
22:00 - 01:00
comfortnoise podcast, formerly p45 radio
by > dj

it's comfortnoise podcast 012-0910 w/ dj populist &

DJ POPULIST (aka dj bassselekta aka demochef - maximum respect) is an extraordinary experienced selector with an unusual comprehensive knowledge. for comfortnoise podcast, he decided to present us a unique, vinyl only time travel: he’s outlining the baseline of THE bassline from early 90ties jungle to today’s dubstep. versatile, enjoyable and educational in the same moment, this is of course a very personal selection. receive a visual impression of his immense vinyl collection on facebook... here he’s been digging intensely over the last weeks to compose this show! we hail a true sensei who's telling us his life. transports all the important information about "comfortnoise podcast" - including playlists and 192kbs-downloads ...and if you want to know what happens dubstep- & funky-wise in Zürich, reach the same place over:

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follow the bass! w/ dj POPULIST