supporting and sponsoring
daniel h
suisa - the swiss foundation for musical rights

jackpoint - our local hardware dealer
restkultur - zürichs alternative party-calendar - talking about techno - support, communication and more around music: to let music just be

coupole biel-bienne
kugl st.gallen
reitschule bern
zukunft zürich

swiss record labels
60sec. records - geneva based record label
7b records - home of john player
bruchstücke - home of Die Galoppierende Zuversicht
cadenza - home of luciano & digitalin
drumpoet community - zürich based deep house record label, home of alex dallas
everest records - berne based electronic music label
gelbes billett - basel based minimal-house record label
imploz - geneva based label support office & home of phictiv
inzec records - home of marco repetto
ittle big recordings - markeses' record label
mental groove - geneva based record label, home of crowdpleaser & kate wax
morris audio - berne based techno & house record label
motoguzzi records - zürich based techno record label
mountain people - home of serafin
num - home of Lee Van Dowski & Quenum
plak records - geneva based record label & store, home of chaton
spezialmaterial - great zürich based electronic music label
stattmusik - great zürich based deep techno label, home of kalabrese
sthlm recordings - geneva based minimal techno label, home of agnès
tongut - st. gallen based minimal techno record label, home of apoll

webcasters tools
icecast - Open Source Streamserver
nicecast - Streamclient for OSX
oddcast - free Streamclient for Windows

Ableton - the Tool for Live-Jams
nanoloop - doing music with the gameboy
Native Instruments - the Masters of Music Software
PurData - Free Audio Programming
Python - Free Programming Language

rode - exzellent mikros for a good prize
schneiders büro - the legendary musicgear-store in berlin
Studer - the legendary swiss audio company
technics - the one and only machine for vinyl

arte - the only tv-station we watch
de:bug - german music magazine
o'reilly - digital nerds paradise
springerin - austrian art magazine

art and culture
ars electronica - the first digital festival in linz
snm - new media art school
sonar - the biggest european festival for electronic music
transmediale - the german new media festival

good to know
howstuffworks - as it says...
wikipedia - the online encyclopedia

fun and games
nintendo - the other game company
rockstar games - games with a subversive touch