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what do I need in order to listen to audioasyl's live and archive stream?
You 'll need a stand-alone audio player,to listen to our MP3 live and archive streams. links can be found above. and yes, of course you can listen it with itunes and other MP3 players as well !

when I listen to a stream, the sound cuts out. Why?
There are a few explanations for why this may occur.
1. Your internet connection may be too slow for the stream you are trying to listen to (our stream equires at least a 320kbps connection to the internet, especially if you try to listen while doing something else on the internet at the same time.
2. There may be temporary problems on the internet somewhere between our audio servers and your computer.
3. There may be a problem with your computer hardware or software.

where do I find audio to listen to?
audioasyl.net offers you live and archive streams on the home page. Links to archived audio can be found on our archive page as well as on the program page

what audio is available on audioasyl.net?
mostly electronical stuff!
check our archive page and feel free to browse the 'style - DropDownList'!!

now on air: live or archive stream?
if there is no live stream available, you can hear a random audiostream of past(archived) shows. If a live stream starts during you are listening a random stream, you will be redirected to the live stream and vice versa.

I want my own show/ single stream on audioasyl.net
if you are interested contact us -info@audioasyl.net

I want my own streaming station
check 'technical stuff' in our links page

is there music after death?
yes, on audioasyl.net

still having difficulty or want to report a problem?
contact us with details of your troubles -troubles@audioasyl.net

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