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Oct 21st 2010
22:00 - 01:00
comfortnoise podcast, formerly p45 radio
by > dj

it's comfortnoise podcast 013-1010 w/ k' (; cologne) &

it was in 2004, when K’ (; cologne) initially and formatively encouraged to pursue the fine art of creating elaborated dubtechno mixes with perfectly matching cover artwork and carefully selected naming. it’s a skill that k’ himself cultivates near to perfection. not least he did it twice in “p45 radio”, the forerunner of “comfortnoise podcast”, in the october-05- and the november-06-show. k’s trademarks are varied, calm and spatial very very generous musical arrangements. as he’s a gifted photographer as well, the associated graphical material is always equal to the musical message, that is to say: original. to complete k’s passions, we should also mention the third element: the aesthetics of bikes. to experience this unique oeuvre, we suggest to enjoy his photostream on flickr while listening to this show. transports all the important information about "comfortnoise podcast" - including playlists and 192kbs-downloads ...and if you want to know what happens dubstep- & funky-wise in Zürich, reach the same place over:

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dubtechno & adjacent areas w/ K' (cologne, ger)