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Jun 19th 2013
19:00 - 22:00
weitweg 17
by > mistral / sender
while the year pass away
there is nothing left

but some sound
when you have come

then again
you see only some drugs
what make you go down for a line

but some sound
do come ready to listen

thats why join in
with us for the real shit

you only need sound
for all the misery
you canot escape from

here we are again
without cash nor drugs

but some great hours
this week

just listen with us
the best underground mix up
hard boiled eggs with bacon but no cheese - this is the best broadcast in the year 2013 - nothing remain insane
May 22nd 2013
19:00 - 22:00
weitweg 17
by > mistral / sender
there is nothing so great
we have to make sound
not only for your ears only

but often lonely we create
another broadcast

welcome to audioasyl
this is the best site
you join in with some more relax

than the other metal gear
you have to listen to again

in case you want to have
some fine hours

just visit our homepage
other wise have some fun

or get fucked in your arse
when you feel it come
freak out with some nice sound you realy like to enjoy - disco shit for all your addicts
Apr 17th 2013
19:00 - 22:00
weitweg 17
by > mistral / sender
today special broadcast
for all those
that have nothing to loose
but sth to win

slowly this year make sth
worth all the shit

but never listen all the time
this insane sound

is only for some bad parties
or stupid bitches

thats why relax at home

fuck yourself with drugs
that do kill you

today special fucked shit up
with death metal race
mixed insane gangster rap
from all over this sound garden
or cypress hill greets godflesh
alone on the road - listen some hard fucked shit - metal vs rap - or how to spoil your head with things you wont go down
Mar 20th 2013
18:00 - 21:00
weitweg 17
by > mistral / sender
after this nice winter
we make some more sound for you

to listen
but do not forget
all the misery that has come up

the last few years
all we need is another transmission

to work out this abyss
go fuck yourself - there is a failure on this stream -
Feb 20th 2013
18:00 - 21:00
weitweg 17
by > mistral / sender
another broadcast do come along
for sure with some sound
push up the volume

while the last few weeks
all the drugs are gone
even all the snow

fuck the whole night
with enough drugs this might work

then slowly we make come
another year filled with shit

this is in memory for all the friends
we have lost to useless drugs
or insane parties
where only cash do count

remember me
or go fuck yourself

heute ein mit retro-touch

mistral hat in der plattenkiste gegraben
er freut sich
fuck everyone
Dec 19th 2012
18:00 - 21:00
weitweg 17
by > mistral / sender
time for the last fuck this year
dont shit in your pants 2013 do wait

but now 2012 was realy very mad
all the people that work in sound
have nothing to say

xmas or nyear. have fun all your fuckers

often they are stupid or insane
when you canot read this shit

then you realy should kill yourself
all the people that work
with sound are deaf
dump them up

- nyear 2012 mixed up shit
- ready for the birds to grow wild

all the best for the next year to come
shit in your pants

dance your fuckers
all the drugs are gone
snow everywhere have fun - sender alone
Nov 21st 2012
18:00 - 21:00
weitweg 17
by > mistral / sender
soon we have another year to work with
posibly there is sth to do

but in case you think
there is nothing to catch up

- xmas 2012 mixed up shit
- ready to display

we all care for shit
or drugs in case
you are all alone

- on air tonite together
- the brothers on the scene

kill yourself
we all wait for the snow
Oct 17th 2012
19:00 - 22:00
weitweg 17
by > mistral / sender
the next broadcast
we deliver
do make more fun

when you need some great sound
to listen

here it comes

after some summer break
we start another broadcast

listen up
the best underground world wide

what the duo simple blinded cant match
there is no way to go
all you need are drugs
Jul 18th 2012
19:00 - 22:00
weitweg 17
by > mistral / sender
another broadcast.
to make up something

make some sound.
for your ears only

2012 late summer to come
all the drugs are often easy to use.
Jun 20th 2012
19:00 - 22:00
weitweg 17
by > mistral / sender
ready or not.we broadcast again
make some 180 minutes the best hours this week.get ready listen
up all the not easy

realy not.without
some only feel alone
fucked up shit without drugs
May 16th 2012
20:00 - 22:00
weitweg 17
by > mistral / sender
serious overkill
second broadcast

lets try again
top quality as we know

best underground to match
up with

take a shot by the duo simple blinded
deep frozen insanity mixed up urban abyss
Apr 11th 2012
19:29 - 21:59
weitweg 17
by > mistral / sender
first broadcast.

the duo simple blinded
now ready

to make another show

but far from the last supper
we are confronted with all the time

there shall be some sound
listen up all your stupid fuckers

there is no way to go
shoot yourself
or everyone else in case
mixedup insanity