hello there. some sound is worth to work with. all we need is enough time to listen there is nothing that great than some real shit for another broadcast. i do deliver every minute underground misery ready to shoot. with mistral together we have few nice hours to make every month sth to share. this audioasyl is a cool place for some sound to mix up with.
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weitweg 17
deep frozen killed chicken ready to shoot

Jun 19th 2013
weitweg 17
hard boiled eggs with bacon but no cheese - this is the best broadcast in the year 2013 - nothing remain insane
May 22nd 2013
weitweg 17
freak out with some nice sound you realy like to enjoy - disco shit for all your addicts
Apr 17th 2013
weitweg 17
alone on the road - listen some hard fucked shit - metal vs rap - or how to spoil your head with things you wont go down
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