weitweg 17
by >mistral / sender

experimental lego house acoustic deco

Jun 19th 2013
hard boiled eggs with bacon but no cheese - this is the best broadcast in the year 2013 - nothing remain insane
May 22nd 2013
freak out with some nice sound you realy like to enjoy - disco shit for all your addicts
Apr 17th 2013
alone on the road - listen some hard fucked shit - metal vs rap - or how to spoil your head with things you wont go down
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mexico radio
Feb 14th 2013 03:11
thats great news

you do finaly another show
let's have some fun

you do very good

all the best for the year to come
mexico radio
Nov 24th 2012 10:02
this is realy the best show on audioasyl ever...

when you cant listen
then you should close your ears

fucking great every time
Camboid listening..
Nov 21st 2012 19:45
is there any webcam... Mistral cooking is always fun to watch..!
Camboid listening..
Nov 21st 2012 19:44
I love LEGO...and use it often as a DECO :-P

cool set so far... :-)