Anointed Frequency
by >Juan Veloz
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Radio Show hosted by Juan Veloz with guest DJ appearances every so often.

Dec 13th 2008
Nov 27th 2008
Nov 13th 2008
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message from solett schikam
Jun 24th 2010 11:35
State of openess in mind although as openess towards frontiers of each dimension, is even trying to open the walls of time. For this, the artist do not want to talk about a time point when it will start. We can only be surprised!
next show: Adventure, fight & one powerful sexy woman
Jun 24th 2010 11:29
Music can heal souls, music can give us force and music is the cloud that will bring people together. Solett schikam. Klassische Musik elektronisch verpackt! Gespannt sein kann, wer offen ist und wer bereit ist für eine andere Dimension.