Demetrio Giannice
When Demetrio Giannice started to go out to the legendary Zurich “Flamingo Club” in 1993 Demetrio was deeply impressed, making his first contact with Chicago House & Detroit Techno. This was the time he quit to play guitar and started to do his own music in that genre. One year later he happened to start his DJ career in small venues around Zurich. In 2002 he organised his first party "vibrator 02" at the Streetparade weekend. It was an afterhour presenting artist like: Pascal Feos, Dixon. Bang Goes, Peak Nick & Ilo . From 2005 on his monthly nine hours net radio show m.a.r. went on air via 2006 he founded the "vollscharf - wollscharf" afterhours which bring music and people together next to the wonderful lake of zurich. 2007 he finished his "talk ep" for Third Ear (released 2009) and he’s still working on new tracks for his label Enterbt rec. and remixes for other labels and friends.
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Demetrio Giannice`s Label

Disco/Funk/Deep House/House/Detroit Techno/Soultechno & more......

Mar 3rd 2008
Deep House / House
Feb 4th 2008
Disco / House / Deep House
Jun 4th 2007
DeepHouse / House
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