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"i eat superstrings for breakfast."
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atom (tm) 'insulting the dj' (musique risquee)
autechre 'nine' (warp)
boards of canada 'kid for today' (warp)
burial 'prayer' (hyperdub)
global communication '12:18' (dedicated)
kettel 'through friendly waters' (sending orbs)
lassigue bendthaus 'polaire' (kk)
milanese 'iacon' (warp)
naturalist 'untitled' (rather interesting)
secede 'crave and fall' (merck)
skalpell 'an inkling of things to come' (unreleased)
the disk orchestra 'neue donau' (rather interesting)
the klinik 'touch your skin' (antler subway)

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idm, floppy-disco, quantum-jazz, glitch-hop, scientific freestyle

Sep 14th 2008
1337 mus33k
Electro, Experimental
Feb 10th 2008
1337 mus33k
advanced hip-hop
Jan 13th 2008
1337 mus33k
electronica, hip-hop
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