Burgener was born in 1973 in a small village called Ried-Brig in the Swiss Alps. Music had played a big part in his life as long as he can remember. At the age of six he got his first tape recorder as a gift from his parents. He recorded melodies he heard on the radio with it and played to them on a flute. To the surprise of his mother, he played a second voice to the first recorded on tape. In 1981 Burgener got a saxophone. He took jazz lessons from 1983 to 1990 with Alex Rüedi. During that time, he secretly listened to his older brothers’ KISS, AC/DC and Meat Loaf records and later on bought his first Black Sabbath album. It was time to Rock. After that, Slayer followed with their album „reign in blood“, the most brutal, aggressive album ever done. From that point on, everything changed. No longer interested in taking jazz lessons, he decided to join a band called Malevolence, which played a kind of a Swedish Death/Trash Metal. After a demo and some live shows he left Malevolence to join Damnatory, his local heroes. With Damnatory, Mario recorded a Mini CD called “Docta Ignorantia” and did many live gigs. But after two years this wasn’t fulfilling anymore because working constantly with four other guys proved to be very difficult. He gained his first experiences with Electronic Music through Industrial Bands such as Cubanate, Godflesh, Nine Inch Nails, and many others. During that time he went to an Open Air Goa Party for the first time and once again things changed. The fast, aggressive music was joined by the melodic, often sweet and lovely Goa. In 1995, he for the first time spun some records he had borrowed from a friend at the Open Air Gampel. It was at the bar of a girl who is now his wife :-) Some strange years followed spinning records at almost every Goa Party in the valley in the Swiss Alps. But soon that valley became too small. Burgener decided to move to Zurich with his wife and stopped DJ’ing, focusing on other things such as his job, his marriage, etc. This phase of “cooling down” and “relaxing” took time between 1999 and 2001. Then, he started buying Vinyls again; first only for listening and collecting purposes, but soon he had to buy a mixer and two turntables again. On a rainy Sunday, after smoking a lot, he recorded a first Promo Mix CD, which he called „Smoked up Sunday“. Because Mario learned Multimedia Producer at the school of audio engineering in Zurich, he had already created his own Promotional Website as a final year project at that school. Willy from the Area Club liked the „Smoked up Sunday“-CD so much that he booked him some dates at his Area Club, which was the friendliest club in Zurich at that time. From that time on everything went easy. The reactions to several promo CD’s on http://www.burgener-online.ch were extremely favourable. He also made numerous connections with lovers of electronic music around the world and gets some nice bookings across Europe. In 2004, Burgener received a time slot at an Internet radio station (http://www.audioasyl.net). There, he’s spinning records with his brother in crime mistral every second Thursday from 8-12 PM. Burgener always wanted to create his own music. Over the years he bought the necessary equipment to produce his own tracks, though his current songs are far away from the quality required to release them on a label. He is currently writing and producing tracks for a DVD for the Swiss Whale Society, which should be completed in January 2005. In addition, the Audio CD „Whales of St. Lorence“ is due for a release in early 2005.
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