Snakey Jack
Snakey Jack was born 1985. After a couple of years in Cello education, he began to play guitar. With the age of 16 he stopped playing acoustic instruments and started to spin records. The more hours he spent behind the turntables, the more he was able to improve his mixing skills. First little bookings followed soon. He was invited to play in the club landscape of St. Gallen (Stadt- & Elektrokeller), Tresor-Club Winterthur, Tantra-Bar Ibiza, Etzel-Lounge Zürich, Hale-Bopp Gossau and X-Club Basel. He had also the chance to present his music on air at different radio shows on By the time he began to look for different styles in electronic music. He started to play Break-Beatz. The upcoming Electro House scene finally led him to the more classical house music - his real passion until now. In 2007 he moved to Zurich, where he started an education as Audio Engineer. With the knowledge about basics of music production he got there, he began to produce his own sounds and grooves. At the moment he is still learning for his degree in recording arts and improving his producing skills.
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Ark 'Lost end' (Circus Company)
Chris Carrier 'New Phase' (Adult only)
Dexter 'Tronic' (Wiggle)
Inland Knights 'Girl in the window' (Drop Music)
Jacob London 'Whoa! This Is Fun!' (Movim)
Jason Hodges 'Shake It' (Aroma)
Lee Mortimer 'Snake Pit' (Wearhouse)
Mastik Soul 'Ballad of the Bullet' (4 Kenzo)
Phil Weeks 'Walking sideways' (Robsoul)
Soul Mekanik 'Color Spektrum' (Rip)
Toka Project 'Treat me right' (Tango)

artist profil & demo mix download
artist profil & demo mixes download

Plan Réduit
Minimal House Acid Progressive Techno

Sep 12th 2011
Plan Réduit
Techno, Minimal, Dubtechno and Techouse
May 9th 2011
Plan Réduit
Summer House
Nov 8th 2010
Plan Réduit
Minimal Techno
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