Vibrantly new, downright alternative and viciously experimental: is an independent music hub based in Zürich, Switzerland. Broadcasting daily live shows on the web, serves as a showcase for the Swiss scene. In addition, aims to establish international ties in the world of electronic music. Spanning a variety of moods from frolicking disco and bleeping minitech to vanguard voice hubbubs, we grant asylum to acts from Switzerland and abroad, veteran DJs and fresh talents alike. Jack into our special programme...
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Animatek 'my life for a moog' (Motoguzzi Records)
Cosili 'bada bing' (Motoguzzi Records)
styro2000 'wrong song' (Motoguzzi Records)
Wandler 'k_pott' (Motoguzzi Records)

zürich based techno record label
swiss event calendar (the one and only)
magazine for electronic music & media
home of Ark and his buddies..
freaks are out at night -> excellent british house record label

Audioasyl Open Source
Audioasyl Clubstream
Audioasyl Special
audioasyls SansPapiers

Jun 26th 2021
Audioasyl Special
Apr 25th 2020
Audioasyl Special
Quarantine Dub
Mar 24th 2017
Audioasyl Special
Deep House, Dub Techno
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