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Jun 21st 2007
20:00 - 00:00
comfortnoise podcast, formerly p45 radio
by > dj
great! the deepchord-posse shows fresh activity, while the dubstep-revolution is continuing unabated. NEW.COM ( looks back on a couple of extraordinary busy months & is going to knead, knock, turn & open your body & soul. at the end of the day at the latest, you'll be ready to receive basses that are weighing tons: actually nothing than bassic needs!

GOTO >>> RADIO to download the timecoded PLAYLIST & the higher quality files:
- part 1: dubtechno (mp3/192kbs/145mb/1h44m58s)
- part 2: dubstep (mp3/192kbs/140mb/1h42m18s)
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dubtechno / dubstep