Jan 13th 2015

don't miss it !!!

watch out for flyer
Oct 24th 2014
love affair @ friedas büxe zürich

Eli Verveine ♥ Fehlfunktion
Sonica ♥ Andaloop
Bambi Deluxe ♥ Pistol Pete
Ipanema ♥ Parker
Mavi ♥ Chamo
Pebbles ♥ Bamm-Bamm
Sintic ♥ MRZ

specials: Heiratskappele, Paartherapie und Singleberatung
Jul 9th 2014
Zur Platten Favela 11.07.14

Das moralische Finale dieser WM!

Flinke Schwalbenköniginnen und
wunderschöne Flankengötter warten auf euch:

RizzoKnor (live)
Die Galoppierende Zuversicht (live)

Ipanema e Parker

Geroldstr.17, ab 23h
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Friday Sep 22nd20:00 - 22:00
by > DJ Milwaukee / Nr2
Saturday Sep 23rd22:00 - 07:00
Audioasyl Clubstream
by > audioasyl.net
House, Techno

On Mayo&Friends by ariella kaeslin
Sep 19th 2017 23:31
ich weiss nicht,
ob es besser oder schlechter ist.
ich weiss nur, dass es anderst ist.

und das tut mir gut!

bussi ariella
On Mayo&Friends by Sherlock Holmes
Sep 18th 2017 01:54
If I had not killed him, he certainly would have killed me and then I could not hear this nice radio show.
peace & love Sherlock
On Dienstags Club by Trump
Aug 29th 2017 01:05
i\'m not from yesterday
On Dienstags Club by Tronald Dump
Aug 28th 2017 17:59
Houston we have water
On FALKEN by Meyer
Aug 27th 2017 13:11

Past Show: atemlos
by > wandler
Sep 16th 2008
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