music is life. at the age of 6 i got a tape recorder and so started recording tapes. a bit later i started collecting records, and soon after that i wanted to share my records with others. i enjoyed some classical music education and started playing in orchestras and bands. then i switched over to performing arts and received a formation at a theatre academy in my hometown berne. in this time, the early ninetiesm, i decovered techno and house music in berlins alternative scene and back home i started my own underground partys together with friends. after moving to zurich in the mid nineties i finally bought two MK2 and a cheap mixer without EQs. 20 years later i'm still kinda underground cat, still collecting vinyl.
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andy toth 'chengdu' (d records)
apendics shuffle 'group trivia' (percistencebit)
chris carrier 'south paw' (adult only)
feldah & koba 'is klar' (60 sec.)
magik johnson 'scanning for viruses' (made to play)
mike shannon 'the hang up ep' (wagon repair)
my my 'katzensprung' (circus company)
paul c 'minitools' (ocean dark)
shonky 'follow the clones' (substatic)
takuya morita 'waseda' (frankie rec.)

one of my currents art-projects
another project of mine from 2005

Wide Range
Audioasyl Special
electronica jam
WIld Styl€
les belles de nuit
Sound Development City 2013
Art & Talk,experimental
Club Med
Eclectic Boogie

Nov 9th 2018
House, Electronic
Mar 24th 2017
Audioasyl Special
Deep House, Dub Techno
Mar 11th 2017
Audioasyl Special
Deep House, Tech House
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